Carl Edwin Lindgren

Curriculum Vitae



  • 1994-1999 – University of South Africa, D.Ed. in history of education (Metagogiek* – Education of Becoming)
    • DISSERTATION: (1999, June). A historical-comparative study of the development of the county school systems on North and South Panola. Universiteit van Suid-Afrika, Pretoria, South Africa. Doctoral thesis (DEd).
    • Dr. A.E. Van Zyl, Lead Faculty and Dr. Kenneth Bender (University of Mississippi), Mentor/Second Chair;
  • 1989-1993 - Royal Chartered College of Preceptors, Fellowship (F.C.P.), a thesis of 30,000 words which embodied the "results of original ... work [in higher education] ..." – Royal Charter - Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II;
  • 1989-1993 – University of Mississippi, S.Ed. in curriculum and instruction/research methodology - 30 hrs;
  • 1973-1977 – University of Mississippi, M.Ed. in history (24 hrs) / education (21 hrs) (Honors: Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Delta Kappa, E.D.P.A. Graduate Fellow, University of Mississippi — Educational. Dev. Project Act (United States) — two year graduate fellowship in historical research, Robert A. Taft Institute of Government – Honors Fellow, Graduate School, University of Mississippi, 1977 — In 1996 the Taft Institute chose Queens College of the City University of New York as the site of its headquarters;
  • 1970-1972 - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), B.A.E. in Social Science (24 hours in history).
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